community and social media management

Content is about context. What works on one platform does not necessary work on another for every audience. And not every company needs to utilize every platform unless they have a specific strategy. I work with groups and companies to do the following:

Understand users and their activity

Review analytics, focus groups (and in longer studies, qualitative interviews or quantitative surveys) to understand user demographics and trends in users’ consumption of and interaction with content; make recommendations as to how content can be made more digestible and popular on certain platforms; where appropriate, ask questions and solicit feedback from users.

Establish a brand presence across platforms

Set up social media accounts and help craft messaging, content, and ‘spreadability’ per platform. This might mean reblogging Tumblr content from allies or fans; using Facebook as the primary promotion portal for live events; customizing a YouTube channel to increase subscriptions and build show loyalty; or using Twitter and Instagram as a real-time reporting mechanism for donors and supporters to stay informed and feel valued.

Engage users

I work to understand the benefits (and drawbacks) of each social platform and figure out how to best excite fans or stakeholders by implementing rewards, soliciting user content, and creating fun ways for users to feel involved and appreciated while maintaining the integrity of the brand.