New York in March


got to see S., here on business from LA. we played pool all night, both equally terrible. it was great. 

Cousin weekend


Went to Philly this weekend for my “fake” cousin K’s 28th birthday. Our moms are old college friends, and I grew up with her and her siblings, so we always referred to each other as cousins. In recent years, K. and I have gotten close. She is a lovely person and has been an insightful and genuine friend to me (she’s also very smart, an occasional model, and relatively single, so if any attractive successful male people are reading, let me know if you’re interested!). Can’t wait to see the person she continues to become. 

And, ironically, I got to meet one of my “actual” cousins the following day, as he was visiting New York…although the odds are extremely high that we stood next to each other many times on the subway or in line for lunch during the two years we were living in the Boston at the same time and working in the same neighborhood. (A., if you’re reading this, you are very cool and I would totally want to be friends with you if I weren’t already related to you.) 

I think 2015 will be ok.

I don’t want to be a part of your parade

  • 1st March 2015

Just watched ‘Boyhood’. Basically my directorial dream: a coming-of-age biopic spanning a dozen years of childhood. Someday, probably in the afterlife, I will focus my energies of being a coming-of-age director for real. I’ve tried it before (shout-out to Tapioca Productions, 2006 and 2007) and clearly need to get better. But this was inspiring.

Also, the song is great.

Babies, everywhere 

My good friend T., whom I grew up with, is having a son in a few weeks (or sooner, god willing). I haven’t seen her parents in almost 20 years, so it was amazing to visit with them again at her baby shower. And her man M. is amazing and hilarious. I always feel weird returning to Boston, city I tried and finally succeeded in leaving, but this was a happy occasion. 

(Unrelated side note: autocorrect just changed “was” to “WaWa”, which goes to show how often I talk about the best convenience store in the metro Philadelphia area.)

And here’s what 20 years looks like:

1995 and 2015

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