Bye bye bro

My “little” 6’7 brother left today to begin Naval Officer training – before he continues on to Navy Seals training in January. Always one for a challenge. I went to Philly last weekend to say goodbye to him (and inadvertently meet his buddies). It was a nice time, but sad that he’ll be gone for potentially years. And an interesting reunion to have for the first time after our father’s death. But c’est la vie.



Got to stay with my “cousins” for the night, which is always excellent. We woke up after very little sleep with tiaras on…


I miss you, Philadelphia.

Indian weddings are a good time 

Went to V. and M.’s large wedding this past weekend, attended by a group of very nice people, many of whom I already knew. Super fun time. 


some things change and some things stay the same

the people I partied with in 2003 are the people I spend my days with now. except now we have retirement funds. and some of us live on other continents. but mostly we look and feel exactly the same. shout-out to my longtime friend and roommate, BB, who came all the way from boston via Singapore to see me for a night. 


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