Wednesday portraits

My bff Ry has finally moved to NYC! Here’s a photo of us in his apartment 11 years after I started taking photos of us in his apartments.


And here’s what we did at work today (in between three remote global user interviews and 30 survey solicitations). Also, I got new computer glasses and made the frustrating discovery that the wrinkles I’ve developed around my eyebrows are NOT from premature aging but rather from squinting (mostly at small glaring phones) for five years. Who knew!


Night Text

by Sarah Maclay

Let’s imagine I’m translating something to you —
you, asleep, or sleepless or naming
that third place — between —

with the tips of your tapering fingers —

I don’t know the language.
It bends.

In the mind — in that strangely shared chamber —
that is, I mean, in your hands,

where you show me those scenes of confusion and flight
with such intimacy, and don’t know it —

even sans color, sans liquor, sans shape,
we are twins. Fraternal. Unknown.

The moon, invasive, huge,
lunging in through the windows,
makes no exceptions —

It’s true: it will never happen / you’d be surprised.

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