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A colleague of mine recently returned from Nepal and set up a fund for earthquake relief. I thought I’d repost:

As some of you may know, I just got back from Nepal where I saw first-hand how much destruction the earthquake has caused. While I was there, our guide, Nama, had his entire village in the mountains destroyed and many other mountain villages were also destroyed as the epicenter was in the mountain region. Although the larger charities have seen a lot of support, most of the money seems to go to Kathmandu and these mountain villages, which are very hard to get to, are not seeing any aid.

For this reason, our group started a fund that Nama could use to start rebuilding his village and the surrounding areas in order to provide relief directly to the hardest hit areas. Nama is very active in the local charities of Nepal, especially in the mountain regions, and will definitely be able to use the money much more effectively than most. He recently made it back to his village and I attached a couple pictures of what’s left of his family’s house.

If you want to donate please use this link and let me know if you have any questions, any amount will be very appreciated, thank you!

Luke P.
Slalom Consulting

Let’s blow this joint

Gotta say, the past six months have not been easy. Basically every problem you can think of has been coming ad nauseam like a repeated punch in the face. However, there’ve been some awesome familial and friend silver linings to balance things out. But I still think I deserve to get the heck out of New York for a bit.

So: I’m getting the heck out of New York for a bit. Specifically, Paris > Bavaria > Berlin, to visit four very good friends. Booked this trip a while ago, and very pleased to finally be leaving – plus this frees up my apartment to be inhabited by other friends who need it. Everything works out in time. See you in a few weeks! I will post EU photos here as I’m able.

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