Summary: I’m Audubon. I’m from Philly but spent many years in Boston (with Mexico, NL, the UK, and Germany in between) and now I live in New York City.

Professional stuff: I was trained in writing and anthropology, loved filmmaking, worked in web and print communications for six years (at human rights orgs), then spent 3.5 years at MIT – where I got my masters degree in Comparative Media Studies, ran several independent projects as a research associate at the Center for Civic Media, taught a little, filmed a lot, got into mobile research, and made tons and tons of mediocre ceramic bowls from the wonderful MIT pottery studio. I relocated to New York City several years ago, where I now work as a user experience strategy & design professional in the field of technology consulting. I paint to relax.

If you’re concerned that I go through life wearing M&M costumes and you need some assurance that I can in fact clean up and be a professional, here’s a photo of me with colleagues at the White House after giving a presentation to Mr. Biden.