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work and writing by audubon

What I do

User experience

I’ve done tech research, civic media projects, fieldwork, and teaching in academic and research contexts. Presently I focus on UX research/strategy/design at Slalom Consulting. You can view my portfolio or read my CV (pdf). I am always open to new connections in tech/mobile/media.

Mobile research

I wrote my graduate thesis on trends in mobile video, conducted other mobile research at a lab in Berlin & am now working on a mobile-first prototype for a White House initiative. Am constantly brainstorming new app ideas (theme: encouraging spontaneous, cross-cultural interactions).

Design & web content

I’ve managed websites for nonprofits, companies, educators and performers – including set up, design, content + image creation and editing, regular site maintenance, and design/management of e-communications. I use both open source and proprietary CMS platforms.

Media (production & management)

I’ve helped companies establish a presence on the internet by providing content tailored to various social platforms. I’ve also created user engagement strategies by cultivating enthusiasm for brands through promotions, feedback, incentives and rewards. For over a decade I’ve also produced videos.

What’s with the art?

I like making pottery and paintings. I don’t care if I’m not so great at it. I do it for fun, and sometimes I take photos of what I make and put them on this website.


  • Paintings


    [gallery columns="3"]I began painting in 2013. For fun. First in watercolor, then oils. I often…
  • Photography


    I've had the opportunity to live in a bunch of places, and travel to others.…

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